If you’ve been asked to serve on an advisory board, you may be weighing out the pros and cons of taking part in this new adventure. The role of an advisory board certainly requires a commitment of time from each member, so there are things you need to carefully consider before you take on such a commitment. Even though there is a time commitment and other factors to consider, there are more reasons than not that you should accept the offer to be a part of an advisory board.


Solving Business Issues

Serving on a company’s advisory board means you get to see and shape the strategy of a company. No matter how much a business appears to “have it all together” when you go in as a customer, there are inevitably problems that come up in the daily operations of the company. If you enjoy strategic thinking and problem-solving, serving on the advisory board will put you in a position to put your love of finding answers to work. It will also allow you to gather information about solving problems within a business from real-life examples that you can carry with you in the rest of your professional life.


Resume Builder

Depending on what your role currently is within your company, you may be looking for things to add to your resume. Resume building accomplishments can not only land you a promotion within your company but may also help you eventually secure a better job with another firm. Taking a role on a business’ advisory board will allow you to add something to your resume that will catch the eye of those in charge.


Get New Ideas

If you’re being asked to serve on an advisory board, they are probably interested in some specific area of expertise that is crucial for the professional environment of the company that is seeking you. Your time on an advisory board for one company will allow you to hear, and possibly implement ideas that you can apply to your current position. Being able to understand and even offer some new ideas within the company that you’re advising will increase what you can provide in your regular job or to your own business.



All good businesspeople recognize the need for networking. Being an essential part of a company’s advisory board will put you in contact with other people on the board as well as men and women within that company. Take every opportunity to network.